We all are born to this world face to face to each other.

When this world attacks us we turn away from it being offended and hurt.

To be able to keep our living we are forced to turn our face again to the world, but the offence is not resolved, it stays like thorn in our soul, so we decide to deceive the world.

We stay with our back towards the world. We redress our back so it looks like front.

Reaching our middle age we are already masterful in our ability to live and communicate with the world via our back, pretending that it is our front – we turn up our collar and people think that we are not quite in the mood, or we loosen our necktie (hanging between our blade-bones) to demonstrate that we are relaxed – and we are not even conscious about that. It is only in the hours of loneliness when we are exhausted by sadness because we lost our face irrevocably and replaced it by our back.

Living with our back in front prevents us from true communication with the world and people. You can not catch things with your elbows like you do with your hands, you constantly bump into obstacles, you walk backwards so you can not run… So this mode of life declares and queens OFFENSE like most powerful and fundamental line of behavior.


Only love is able to turn us in a right pose and direction.

We fall in love with caution, one by one or at the same time, we turn our face to that person who came to love with us – with our back.

But our face is not covered and not decorated as our back is, we did not use our face for a long time, so our emotions are reflected by grimaces on our face. But we take the risk, so hoping that we will not be pushed away we turn our face to the front, but slowly and hesitantly.

At this moment that person-who-came-to-love-with-us smiles to our back, looks tenderly, so we think that we already can turn our face fully to him, and even if our undeveloped emotions give yet awkward grimaces – so what, we are loved, we will not be pushed away!

We are loved and we receive tender strokes by our back instead of our front.

Enamored person is sure that he is the only human received that harsh blow from the world that turned him about, but his beloved person is completely another case! He is lucky, he eluded this fate!

We feel with our back that we are loved, we do not turn around fully, but we start making intentional and masterful tricks with our back, adding to our external responses more signals designed specifically to enamored person.

Time goes and goes, and this tango (signal / stroke) between face and our back becomes regular, so we feel ourselves in a safe atmosphere, and we want to rake a risk and turn our face to the person, but we are still hesitant and afraid, because our face is not able already to give aesthetical emotions due to lack of practice.

One day enamored person catches signs of changes in us.
It is our real face is opened!

Seeing face of his beloved one the enamored person instantly comes to realization – here it is, the real face!
It is uncovered and open!
Enamored person feels terrified!
He did not used to live and communicate with a face. The back was absolutely enough!
Now then his own face can be visible by his beloved one!
And this is absolutely real!
Now then being face to face we will see each other.
Being natural. Being distorted.

I see him, he sees myself, and all our limbs are turned to interaction.
No excuses! No referrals to I CAN NOT, I FEEL UNCOMFORTABLE, I WILL NOT DO…
From now on, for everything, at every moment – condition number one.
But it is even more terrifying when you want something from your beloved one, when you are dependent on him, and he will see clearly this wish and this dependency!
Is he really able to bear such responsibility!? Will he put himself face-to-face and in a condition number one???


So again that life back to back!
But it does not work already!
Face turns to people, again and again, seeing there backs, backs, backs.
And there comes grief for all those years of back-marching and also determination face that inhaled it’s own life.   And finally you decide: “I give a damn! I don’t care!” 

I will live, I will live with my face turned to all people, and some day I will meet the face, that will see my face and will come to love with my face.

So you go with your face in front. From now on you will see the whole world completely different. To be more precise, it is the first time when you actually SEE the world. Feelings overflow your soul.
Grief, sadness, loneliness go away, because now you are face-to-face – being always in contact, always in communication, all parts and limbs stretch to life, hands, legs, face.
And you don’t care for imperfection, because you are loaded with your love towards the world, for it sees you, and you see it, and you are together evermore, and you see each other – evermore!

No fear anymore, faces do not frighten you away, not at all, they attract.
On the contrary, from now on, when you bump in somebody’s back, especially when they in their blindness harshly bang against you, or hit hardly with their elbow in your face so you want to turn away…

But… NO! Not on your life!!!
It better when you come to us...!!!))) 
And we give a tender stroke on the back of the attacker ;) 

and… HALLELUJAH... he turns his face to us and gives a hug!